February 28, 2014

Dressed Up for Baking

Up until I found Pinterest I wasn't all that interested in crafting.  When I did finally join Pinterest, I started pinning a ton of different craft ideas.  However, it wasn’t until much later that I started this blog and became actually interested in making the stuff I had been pinning.  Once I decided I wanted to start creating stuff, I realized I was not prepared to craft.  I had to limit the crafts  I wanted to make because I didn’t have this or that and I was missing out on making a ton of cute stuff!  

The two major things I was missing was a hot glue gun and a sewing machine.  I decided at Christmas to ask my parents for those two essential items and was so excited when I opened them! 

I knew immediately the first thing I wanted to make.


I’d been sitting on this pin for a while and was excited that I could finally make it.  I headed to the basement to rummage through bags of clothes that have still not made their way to Goodwill (in this case our laziness paid off.)  I found a shirt of Brad’s that was perfect for this project. 

Sewing machine - Check
Men's Dress Shirt - Check

It’s time to start making my apron!

Unfortunately to my disappointment, the link I’d found was not for a “do-it-yourself” site, it was for a store to buy the aprons pre-made.  

Now what?

I could (1) give up and say “forget it”, (2) search the internet for a site that show you “how to”, or (3) continue on with my venture without instructions (how hard can it be?)

Option 3 it is!!

While working on the first couple of steps I kept the shirt completely buttoned, I found it was easy to keep the fabric straight.  I started by cutting off both sleeves at the seam.

Next, I cut off the entire back of the shirt, cutting as close to the seams as possible but keeping them attached to the “apron” piece.  Leaving the seams attached saved me from having to hem these portions of the apron.

Once the back was completely removed, I set the fabric aside (keep it for a later step) and unbuttoned the front of the shirt.  I laid both sides on top of one another to help easily create two equal sides.  Starting with the top piece of fabric, I created a hem from the collar to just under where the armhole ended. I folded the excess fabric under and pinned it in place.  Then I turned the shirt over to create a matching hem on the other side.

Next, I cut two 1-1/2 inch pieces from the back shirt piece I had cut off earlier and set aside.  With using a pin stripped shirt I had perfect cutting guidelines the length of the shirt.  I folded each of the two pieces in half and pinned the edges together.

Finally, I got to pull out my brand new sewing machine (isn’t it cute?) to sew down all the edges I has pinned.

After all the edges we sewn, I had to turn those pesky like strips inside out, which was by far the most daunting task of the entire project.  I used a small nail to push one end of the tie through the fabric and out the other side.

Once the strips were right side out, I sewed them to the bottom most point of the hem I’d created earlier.

Finished!!! (Please excuse the dirty mirror...Spring Cleaning anyone?)

Now I have a perfect (and cute!) apron for all my future baking experiments.

February 15, 2014

Blue Toes

I feel like it's been awhile.  Let me be honest, I've gotten pretty lazy, as this specific post will show you.  I've just been wanting to hang out in my PJs and relax.  For example I've been doing things like giving myself pedicures, which brings me to today's post.

Do you want the softest feet?  Wouldn’t it be great if the dead skin would simply wipe off your feet?

Soak your feet in mixture of Listerine, vinegar and water.

Sounded easy enough and I was in the mood for a relaxing in-home “spa day.”  I mixed ¼ cup Listerine, ¼ cup white vinegar, and ½ cup warm water per the directions I found on Pinterest.  I then sat back and relaxed while soaking my feet in the Listerine mixture for 10 minutes.

That relaxation came to an abrupt halt when I lifted my left foot from the mixture and...

BLUE!  My foot…nay, my feet had been tinted BLUE! (Photos do not do the actual blueness justice). As if that weren’t bad enough, not a single, miniscule, dead skin cell “wiped” off my foot. 

There I was, left with dry, cracked, Smurf feet.

I pulled out my iPad and headed back to Pinterest in search of a different foot soak.  I came across this from Buzzle.

Mix 1 cup white vinegar and 2 gallons warm water together and a few drops of essential oil.  Soak your feet for 45 minutes in this mixture.  Now use a pumice stone to remove the skin from heels and callused areas of your feet.

2 gallons of water seemed like an unnecessarily large amount for one foot soak so I cut the mixture down to 8 cups of warm water and ¼ cup of white vinegar.  I did not add essential oil to my foot soak. 

After 45 minutes of quasi-relaxation (it couldn’t be full relaxation as I was crazy nervous about my blue feet!) I pulled my feet from the water.  Although the blue tint had faded, it was still there, mostly noticeable on the toenails.  Finally I have a reason to be grateful for winter- my feet will be hidden by shoes and socks until it gets warm when the blue tint will (hopefully) be completely gone.

After the foot soak, I used my pumice stone to scrape away the dead skin from my feet.  This method actually worked unlike the promise of “wiping away the dead skin.”  My feet were left noticeably softer and smoother.

Moral of the story, don’t soak your feet (or any other part of your body) in a Listerine solution unless you’re going for that Avatar look. If you are…then by all means soak away.