July 28, 2014

DIY Tank 2.0

This summer has been so busy and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!  Between festivals, concerts, vacation, 5Ks, baseball games, charity events, and just making time for friends and family my summer has been fully packed!  My busy schedule started well before summer though, it was way back in May that Maggie and I participated in Bark in the Park.

Bark in the Park is a fundraising event for the Toledo Area Humane Society.  People register, for a donation, to participate in a 1.5 mile walk with (or without) their favorite furry friend.  (I love any event which Maggie can participate with me, and when it’s for a good cause, it’s even better!) Registrants are encouraged to do some fundraising of their own, and those who donate or raise at least $25 receive a Bark in the Park t-shirt.

I’m pleased to say that Maggie and I, well mostly I, raised enough money that I could have gotten a few free shirts.  Let’s face it though, those t-shirts you get at charity events, 5Ks, and other places aren’t the most flattering on everyone.  I took my Bark in the Park t-shirt knowing I’d be able to alter it as to get the most use out of it.  Now, three months later, I finally did just that! 

Here is how you can easily transform your own t-shirt:


Cut across the top of the shirt, just under the neck ring and cut off both sleeves. (Save the sleeves for later.)

Take notice of the back of your shirt if there is any print!

As you can see, I had to cut through part of the print on my shirt.

Fold the top of the shirt over to form an approximately 1 inch hem and sew down.

Again, take note of the back of your shirt if there is any print on it.  I, unfortunately, had to lose the entire Toledo Area Humane Society logo at the top of the shirt.  I did however manage to use my hemline as an underline for the "Bark in the Park Sponsors" print.  I think it worked out well!

Now grab those sleeves you put aside earlier.  Cut the hemmed edge of the end of each sleeve off, careful to keep the hem intact.

Thread the "sleeve edge" pieces you just cut through the hems you sewed at the top of your shirt. 

Then sew the ends of the pieces together.

Move the straps around so these sewed ends are tucked into the hem and don't show. Now you have a cute new tank top!

Bark in the Park was such a great time.  Maggie was surprisingly good and did really well around all the other dogs.  She is usually terrified of large crowds and ALL other dogs, but as you can see in the photo below she walked well ahead of me without a care in the world!  I was such a proud mama! :)

Maggie even won this ribbon for second place in the talent competition!  This adorable little dog gives hugs and high fives! She won a teddy bear as her prize and as you can tell, she loves it!