March 24, 2014

Oil Pulling

I had intended on blogging about oil pulling not long after I started it.  For a few days I had even tried writing down things I was "experiencing," however it didn't take long to realize I wasn't experiencing anything after just a few days. Recently, however, I was discussing oil pulling with someone I know and then two days later I came across an article in my Yahoo! news feed about oil pulling.  I realized it was time to tell my story.

I first came across the term "oil pulling" about 8 months ago.  I did some online research and found that oil pulling is said to have a ton of amazing benefits.  The idea in its simplest form is that you have A LOT of bacteria in your mouth, which enters your body through your gums; pulling oil through your teeth (not swishing) for just 20 minutes a day helps rid your mouth of this bacteria and therefore your body as well.

I've done a lot of research on oil pulling and the list of supposed benefits is extensive; it claims to help with things from curing arthritis to simply whitening your teeth.  Suspicious? Me too.  I wasn't convinced of all the benefits when I started oil pulling and quite frankly I'm still not completely sure that pulling oil through your teeth will cure eczema. (However, just because I don't believe it doesn't mean it isn't true.)

With that said, I do oil pulling for (approximately) 20 minutes (almost) every morning and my teeth are whiter and  breath fresher, but I wouldn't be blogging about it, if that was all I got out of oil pulling.  You may be skeptical (and I don't blame you) but the biggest thing oil pulling has helped "cure" is something very personal that I've only ever discussed with my husband and doctors (some things just aren't meant to be shared with the world).  Since the age of 20, I've been dealing with frequent and random recurring pain; a pain so severe that lasted for so long I had to call in sick to work.  Eventually, sometimes hours later, the pain subsides but not before ruining dates with Brad, or dinners and drinks with friends, as well as work and other important events.

I've been to several doctors, who diagnosed me from having cancer to being "perfectly healthy."  I couldn't then and still cannot comprehend how I can be in so much pain and be considered "perfectly healthy."  With no where else to turn and nothing to lose, I started oil pulling. It's list of supposed benefits is extremely long and quite frankly I was at the end of my rope and losing hope.

Great News!!! 

I've not had any pain since I started oil pulling.  I know what you're thinking and it's true, it COULD just be a coincidence, and maybe my writing this blog post will jinx it, but unless something changes I have no intentions of giving up oil pulling any time soon, even if some people think it's crazy.

What have YOU got to lose? More importantly, consider what it is you may GAIN from trying something a little out of the norm.  It's time to get a little crazy and give OIL PULLING a try!

  • Oil pulling should be the first thing you do in the morning, before you eat or drink anything. I pull while I'm doing my makeup and hair.
  • Put about 1 Tablespoon of oil in your mouth. I personally use Sunflower Seed Oil but many people choose coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a solid which turns liquid at 75 degrees.  When you put it in your mouth you have to, sort of, chew it first to liquify the oil before you can start pulling. It's a little weird.
  • Pull the oil through your teeth for 20 minutes.  Do not swish the oil around in your mouth, it does not have the same effect.
  • DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL - spit it out in the sink and rinse with water.

The first few times I tried oil pulling, I gagged and had to spit the oil out early.  That's normal (apparently it's from all the bacteria coming out of your gums).  Keep at it, if you have to spit half way through just put another tablespoon in and keep going.  You won't see immediate results, but give it a genuine try, you never know what it might cure for you.

March 17, 2014

Tutu Adorable

Hey friends, long time no blog. I've been crazy busy dealing with life.  I actually have been continuing to try new things, unfortunately I'm finding that those new things don't always convert to a full blown blog post.

For example Brad and I recently went to a Sushi Party at a friend's house, that was new for us (and a lot of fun).  You can read Alicia's blog about the sushi party at Madame Menke's Decree.  We got to roll our own sushi, meet new people and try new beers; a few of us even experiemented with combining two beers together, Bumbleberry Honey Blueberry Ale & Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.  It was surprisingly not bad but I wouldn't recommend it as an actual drink.

A week before the sushi party I had my two nieces and their "best friends" over for a 

"Make Over Party." 

I had promised my younger niece that I would do this for them, and if you know anything about children it's that they don't forget anything.  Of course it was after I'd made the promise that I realized I had no idea how to go about entertaining 4 little girls.  I have 9 nieces and nephews, but unfortunately do not get to spend a great deal of time with them, and I was realizing that maybe I was in over my head.
I started checking Pinterest for different things I could do at a make over party for 6-8 year old girls.  
I decided on the following:
  • Dinner - Pizza and Raspberry Lemonade
  • Make Your Own Lip Gloss
  • Hair, Make-up and Nails
  • "Glam Shots" with tutu's and beads
I had originally planned on buying tutus only to find out they are approximately $20 and up.  $80 for four tutus was a little pricey for something I knew the girls would only wear to play in, and probably only a few times.  With my new craftiness, I decided making tutus was definitely a possibility.  When I told my sister-in-law Heather my plans to make tutus for the girls, she replied "That's tutu adorable." 

I headed to the store and bought enough tulle (a type of fabric) and elastic to make 4 tutus for about $25. With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner I settled on green and white tulle with some  pink thrown in to make it "girly." (As if being a tutu isn't girly enough.)

I bought 9 yards of tulle, 3 yards of each color.  Have you ever bought fabric?  It's a long piece of fabric folded in half, then wrapped around a piece of cardboard.  You pick the color you want and take it to the cutting counter.  You tell them how much you want (say 3 yards) and they unroll the fabric and cut off the amount you want.  Because the fabric is folded in half it is like you're getting double the amount you asked for.  At least in this case it was, because the tulle only needed to be the length of the folded fabric for the tutus.

I kept the fabric folded and cut approximately 4 inch sections off the tulle. I only needed the length of the tulle to be a folded section. These cuts were not perfect, as I did not measure them, and they were not all cut straight.

This is the length of the fabric folded in half

  • Cut "4 inch" sections from all the fabric
  • Cut each piece of fabric in half (where the folded crease was). 
  • Tie the fabric, two at a time around the elastic so equal ends are hanging down. 
  • Alternate colors white, pink, green, white, pink, green, etc.  

It wasn't until I was done cutting and tying all 9 yards of fabric that I realized I didn't have enough fabric!  It was only hours before the girls were supposed to come over that I had to run out to the store and buy 9 more yards of fabric.  I bought more white fabric and a different shade of green from the first green I had bought.  (Update:  See No Sew Flower Hair Accessory for extra tips I learned and how to make a hair accessory to match you tutu!)

Here is the finished product.  The girls LOVED them, and unprompted my older niece said "these are tutu adorable."  I thought she'd heard it from Heather but apparently not. Like mother like daughter I guess.  Heather told me that my nieces wore their tutus to dance class that week.  I was pretty happy about that.

Things I learned:
  • Little girls can easily entertain themselves with "Kids Bop" station on Pandora, so don't sweat it on how you're going to "entertain" them.
  • Children are NOT interested in making their own lip gloss, but they are interested in eating Crystal Light packets.
  • When "forcing" girls to make their own lip gloss, even though they think it's weird, make sure you read ALL the directions before proceeding 
  • Children do not care in the least bit about St. Patrick's Day
  • Little girls are not interested in taking "glam shots" and I'd rather watch them have fun than fight with them to take pictures.
  • These things go A LOT smoother when you have an amazing friend willing to help you out by painting fancy nail designs on 6-8 year olds. (THANKS AGAIN ALICIA!!)

As far as the lip gloss goes: I mistakenly had the girls mix their crystal light packets into melted coconut oil and then I added water.  The directions call for the mixing of crystal light into water, then mix the colored water into coconut oil.  In the end it didn't matter, they were just rubbing the "lip gloss" on their lips so they could lick it off anyway.  Not that I can blame them, it DID taste good!


One niece was afraid of getting bunny ears. The other giving them to herself. These girls crack me up!