June 24, 2014

Fairy Garden

In early spring I attended a garden show at the Toledo Zoo with some friends of mine.  We signed up for a class to make our own “fairy garden” terrarium.  We had tried to make terrariums ourselves at home a few weeks prior but failed miserably, so when we saw this class, we were pretty excited.

The terrarium I made
I was pretty happy with the way my terrarium turned out, but then, after the class we walked through the Garden Show which had several large, legitimate “fairy gardens” based on various Disney Movies.  The gardens were beautiful and intricate and even though I knew that I’d never have a fairy garden that extravagant I still wanted one of my own.  I purchased two small figurines to start my fairy garden from one of the vendors at the Garden Show: a small female fairy and black dog.

One of the Disney themed gardens
 Recently, I finally finished my very own Fairy Garden and hung it in our backyard.  It’s pretty self-explanatory to create, especially one as simple as mine, so there are not any instruction with this post.  This picture shows everything I used for my garden, but the container and plants can (and will) vary from person to person

You can purchase everything at a local garden center, greenhouse, or nursery.

It may be small, but I hope you are inspired to create your own fairy garden.  Who knows, maybe mine will grow with time and I will add a swing, bench, walking path, etc..  The possibilities are truly endless, depending on how big or small you want your garden to be.  

June 11, 2014

No Sew Flower Hair Accessory

This past weekend I ran in the Lady Tutu 5K at The Shops at Fallen Timbers; the Lady Tutu 5K is in partnership with the Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana chapter of Make-A-Wish. As you may have read in my past blogs about the Warrior Dash and The Color Run, I don’t really enjoy running, I enjoy the high I get once I’ve finished the run but the training and run itself are not necessarily fun for me.  Lately however, I’ve been feeling the need to give back, as in running isn’t exactly fun, but I enjoy knowing that the entry fee is going towards a good cause. 

Let’s face it though, contributing to Make-a-Wish isn’t the ONLY reason I signed up for this particular 5K.  For starters I got to run it with my friend Heather and I find running with someone a lot more enjoyable than running alone, however she does a lot of races, and I could have run any of them with her.  So, what was it about this particular race?  Honestly?  The truth is that even at age 28 I still enjoy dressing up like a princess.  Yes, getting to wear a tutu was the main selling point when Heather told me about this race (Don’t Judge!)

This wasn’t my first time making a tutu, I made 4 of them for my nieces and their friends just a few months ago.  You can read about my first tutu making experience here.  Since then I’ve learned a few tricks that makes creating a better tutu while being much easier. 
  • Buy A LOT of tulle.  I bought 15 yards of tulle to make one adult tutu
  • Use a thicker elastic.  The elastic I used for my nieces tutus was like a thick stretchy piece of string.  I used 3/4-inch elastic for this tutu.
  • Cut the tulle in batches.  It’s a pretty flimsy fabric, making it difficult to work with and cut straight lines.  If you fold and/or layer the tulle it makes cutting much more manageable.
  • To make your tutu fluffier, loop one piece of tulle around the elastic and another piece through the first loop, like so

There was some left over fabric once I was done with my tutu, so I decided to make a matching flower hair accessory.  I found some basic instructions at Ruffles and Stuff.

No Sew Flower Hair Accessory

What You Need:

Hot glue gun
Hair clip
Button (optional)

What to do:
  1. Starting with the felt, cut a circle the size you want your flower to be.  I traced around a glass. (approximately 2-1/4 inch wide)

  2. Next cut 7 pieces of fabric, the same size as your felt circle. (*Since I was using tulle I cut 12 circles of fabric.)

  3. *Using your hot glue gun, glue one piece of fabric directly to the felt.
  4.  Fold one circle in half, then in half again.  Cut off the tip. 

  5. Using your hot glue gun, glue only the center part of the folded circle to the felt.  The outer edge should line up with the edge of the felt circle.

  6.  Repeat the last step with 3 more of the circle, gluing each one next to the other.

  7.  *Create another layer of the folded pieces.  This layer should be turned to cover the “seams” from the last layer.

  8.  Fold 3 more circles and cut off the tips.  Glue the tip side straight down in the center of the circle so the fabric sticks up into the air.

  9. Optional:  Once the glue on the flowers has dried, push the fabric aside and glue your button directly in the middle of your circle.

  10. Trim the edge of your felt circle.
  11. Cut a small rectangle of felt. Glue top of hair clip to the felt side of the flower and cover   with rectangle. 

*Note:  These steps were only done due to the thin, see-through, fabric I used.

Now you have a beautiful new hair accessory!

By the way, the run WAS a good time.  I finished in 34:36 minutes, which is my best time so far.  My next run is in about two weeks, Brad and I are doing The Color Run again this year.  The Color Run isn’t a timed race (making it a great run for all those first timers out there!) but I’ll probably time myself anyway.  It’s the feeling of achievement that keeps pushing me to run more;  well, that and getting to wear a tutu, which I’ll be sporting again (along with matching flower) at The Color Run.