December 26, 2015


Secret Santa is usually my least favorite thing.  I love giving gifts but hate obligatory gift giving, especially when the gifts you are giving are to someone you don't know very well.  However, work is struggling with morale and playing as a team so I thought this year I should play;  I was lucky enough to pull the name of someone amazing!  

I sent her on a scavenger hunt for about half a dozen gifts but wanted her final gift to be something truly special.  (This is the part where I love giving gifts to someone I know.) A mother of 5 beautiful girls, 4 of who are dancers, I printed her Facebook cover photo, framed it, and added 3D tutus.

I truly loved this once it was done…and was really glad that my friend did too.

Other creative gifts I gave out this year…

  • Ornament and twine was bought at Michael's Craft store; tiny Bailey's bottle was purchased at a local liquor store; hot chocolate and marshmallows can be purchased at any grocery store.
  • "You will do better in Toledo" glasses can be found at Jupmode; bags and ribbon were purchased at Hobby Lobby; Christmas colored m&ms can be found almost anywhere :)

Christmas costume for touring an elementary school and handing out candy canes…

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our annual Christmas party…this year's theme "You will do better in Toledo".