January 2, 2016

Photo Challenge

This past year my friend Janna took part in a 365 day photo challenge, in which everyday she posted a new picture for the entire year. As the new year came closer I thought

"I should totally do that!"  

It's only day 2 and all I can think is how this is already one of the hardest challenges I've done.  What do you post pictures of when you spend most days at work and most evenings on the couch watching TV?

Regardless, in my quest for "bibelots" I will carry on with the challenge and post pictures everyday.  I figure even if I don't do something exciting, 

I should be able to find at least one thing everyday that makes me happy.

That is what I anticipate finding this year and I'm inviting you to share in my journey by following me on instagram.  I challenge you to do the same and I will follow your journey as well.

Photo 1 of 366 (of course I would start this challenge in a leap year!)