March 26, 2013

Finding What?....Bibelots

Okay so this should have been my first post, but better late than never right?

[bib-loh; French beebuh-loh] 
noun, plural bi-be-lots
a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.
Origin:  1870-75; < French, equivalent to bibel-(expressive formation akin to bauble) + -ot noun suffix

 I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  I find great stuff on there all the time, Things like
decorating and home improvement tips,
great places to travel,
beauty tips,
great recipes,
inspirational and motivational quotes,
things that make me laugh and brighten my day,
 weight loss inspiration and workouts,
and crafts

Pinterest is anything you find on the worldwideweb tucked away in one little place, organized to your specifications.  You can check out my boards here.

I haven’t always wanted to try new things; it was my husband who first persuaded me to cross the line of my comfort zone.  He started simple by getting me to try different vegetables, and yes I’m aware of how stupid that sounds, but growing up if it wasn’t corn I didn’t want it.  Do you know what I love now?  Asparagus! Do you know what Pinterest has given me?  Only a million different ways to prepare asparagus. Currently my favorite recipe for asparagus is grilled asparagus feta salad (if feta isn’t your thing it’s amazing without it too.)

My point is, now I LOVE trying new things but unfortunately I was not born creative enough to come up with my own ideas.  This is where Pinterest comes in; there are so many creative people out there with ideas and helpful hints I want to try.  This blog will be a place for me to share my trial and errors with you. 

Not all my posts will be pinterest inspired, I will also tell you about new beers, restaurants, and products I’ve tried.  I’ll post about places I travel and things I do.  There may be a fashion post or two and I will probably obsess about my adorable little cockapoo, Maggie.

So join me while I “find bibelots” because although I just turned 27 and I may never be ID’d for alcohol again, I feel different, like it’s time to really start living life.

March 19, 2013

Facing Washing My Face

It’s the end of the day and I look in the mirror, gross.  My face is glossy and oily, it’s caked in make-up and sweat and I have to clean it, so I reach across the bathroom counter and grab…no not facewash but oil, yes I said OIL.

Have you heard of this?  It’s called the “Oil Cleansing Method” (OCM.)  I came across it on pinterest a few months back and was stunned.  I was thinking what you’re probably thinking "you “wash” your face in oil?  This can’t be serious.”  Then curiosity got the best of me and I did some online research only to find story after story from everyday people vowing OCM really works.  I had to try it, but I felt so ridiculous I didn’t even want to tell my husband about it.  I ordered some COLD-PRESSED CASTOR OIL and some cheap plastic bottles online, and then I waited for a night my husband worked late.  I grabbed some extra virgin olive oil from our pantry and mixed it with the caster oil, pulled my hair back out of my face and stared into the mirror:

“I don’t even use sunscreen on my face in the summer because it’s to oily”

“What if I wake up in the morning and my face is all broke out?”

“Just because it worked for other people doesn’t mean it will work for me.”

“My face is already oily, am I really going to add oil to it.”

“You already bought the oil JUST DO IT!"

So I poured the oil into my palm and rubbed my hands together and then I did the unthinkable, I put my hands to my face and started rubbing oil into my pores.  To be honest, it felt disgusting, but I kept rubbing the oil in, then I steamed my pores open and I wiped the oil off and found that my skin was clean, amazingly clean, even my waterproof mascara was gone.  After the elation of how well it worked, the anxiety set in, “my face is going to be so broke out tomorrow.”

You couldn’t believe my surprise when I woke up to a clear face!  What’s even better, when you wash with the oil at night, there is no need to wash again in the morning AND my face wasn’t dry like it normally is so there was also no need for lotion!  So I rinsed my face with some cold water, put on my makeup, and went to work…and no one was any the wiser that I had washed my face with oil.

Are you ready?  Here’s what you do:

  • Create Your Oil Mixture – I use ½ Cold Pressed Castor Oil and ½ Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), everyone is different so change your mixture up until it suits you.  Some starting points include:  Oily Skin – 30% Castor Oil and 70% EVOO, Normal Skin – 20% Castor Oil and 80% EVOO, Dry Skin – 10% Castor Oil and 90% EVOO. 
  • Get yourself a clean washcloth
  • Rub about quarter size of your oil mixture between your palms and then gently rub it all over your face.  Slowly massage the oil in, paying special attention to those problem areas.  Take your time working the oil into your pores to dissolve the build up in your pores.  DO NOT scrub your face, gently massage it.
  • While you are massaging the oil into your face, run your faucet to get HOT water (for those eco-friendly people who don’t want to waste water, it can easily be boiled.)  The water needs to be cool enough that you can stand to touch it but hot enough that it can steam open your pores. 
  • Soak your washcloth in the hot water and then hold it to you face, letting it steam open your pores.  Hold it there until the washcloth cools, then gently wipe away the oil. Continue this step until you feel comfortable that all the oil is gone.
  • Splash some cool water on your face to close your pores back up and viola you’re done.

Why OCM?

 There are many great benefits to washing your face with oil
  • All natural! No more putting chemicals you can’t pronounce on your face.
  • It’s cheaper than facial washes and other skin clearing products.
  • It’s a cleanser, make-up remover and moisturizer all in one!
  • Evens out your complexion
  • Reduces your oil production
  • (I’ve heard) It reduces the appearance of acne scars

But even with all the pros I wouldn’t lie, there are some cons to OCM. 

  1. It takes a lot longer than washing your face with regular facewash but on the flip side it saves you time in the morning.  I don’t wash my face in the morning anymore; I just splash some cold water on it and dry it off.  Plus, since I’ve started OCM I wear less make-up and no moisturizer, just brush on some powder and blush and go.
  2. For the first week or two it’s going to make your face extra oily.  The castor oil is actually getting into your pores and forcing the oil clogging your pores out.  Now that they’re working properly you’ll get some excess oil at first.
So what are you waiting for?  Give OCM a try and don’t throw in the towel too soon, like I said, it will cause excess oil in the first week or so and maybe even make you break out but I promise it gets better. 

I should also note that try to exfoliate about once a week.  Also, for me, my skin can sometimes get used to a product making it ineffective, so recently I switch my EVOO in for some sunflower seed oil.  There are many different oils out there so mix it up and find one that works for you, just make sure you are mixing it with the castor oil, that’s the important part. 
Don’t take my word for it, do your own research, and let me know what works for you!